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One to One Marketing

Variable data printing or VDP is also referred to as personalized printing. With the advent of high quality digital printing came the ability to personalize every printed piece without the need for costly plate changes or a second process of overprinting an existing generic piece.

Using a generic template of artwork, we can link text boxes and picture boxes to a database or excel spreadsheet and pull data into the printed piece simultaneously as the piece is printed. Every copy can be completely tailored to the recipient. This can be as simple or as complex as you wish.

Maximize your Marketing Dollars

In today’s highly competitive market, it’s important to ensure you are getting the maximum benefit from your marketing campaigns. We believe the first step is to focus on what you want from your marketing and are you getting a good enough return for what you are spending.

A cross media marketing campaign specifically targeted and personalized to the recipient, combined with versioning products or services to that recipient, is proven to achieve up to 10 times the response rates when compared to a "one fits all" campaign.

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